The Foundation

On March 14, 1983, the Ferrata-Storti Foundation was created through the efforts of the heirs of Prof. Adolfo Ferrata and of Prof. Edoardo Storti. The newly formed Foundation began its activity in 1984.

Adolfo Ferrata was the founder of italian hematology, the branch of medicine that studies diseases of the blood. The building which houses the Dept. of Internal Medicine of the University of Pavia bears his name, as do some of the fundamental discoveries regarding our knowledge of hematology. His numerous pupils continue his work today.

Edoardo Storti, one of the direct students of Prof. Ferrata, was Chairman of the Dept. of Clinical Medicine of the University of Pavia, like his mentor before him, from 1971 to 1979, and was President of the Italian Hematology Society from 1973-1976, Editor-in-Chief of the journal Haematologica from 1971 to 1990 and author of a prestigious book on diseases of the blood.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is not involved in commercial activities. Its legal status as a private foundation was recognized trough a decree of the italian Authorities in Pavia. The aim of the Foundation is to stimulate and promote the study and the research on diseases of the blood and their treatment by means of:

  • supporting and expanding the journal Haematologica (, which was established in 1920 by Adolfo Ferrata and today is the oldest hematology journal in the world. This journal is published in English. Following a rigorous screening, the research work of the most noted italian and foreign scientists appears in this journal. Haematologica strives to be a forum for the rapid exchange of ideas among clinicians and researchers on the most recent advances in the field of hematology and in the cure of diseases of the blood;
  • by organizing medical education courses, symposia and workshops on the most current topics of hematology and oncohematology, and by publishing the relative proceedings of these meetings;
  • by setting up grants for young Italian researchers who plan to study blood diseases in the foremost research centers in Italy and abroad;
  • by funding research in the field of hematology.


The initial property of the Foundation consisted of:

  • the ownership of the journal Haematologica, which was acquired through the generous bestowal of the Ferrata family;
  • a capital donation of Lit. 100.000.000 by Prof. Edoardo Storti;
  • generous contributions offered by patients or their families.

In addition, numerous corporations, societies and banking insitutions, to whom we are deeply grateful, contributed to the Foundation’s net worth. The Foundation is run by a Board of Directors that is currently composed of 7 members: 2 permanent members who represent the two founding fathers (the representative of Prof. Ferrata’s heirs and the representative of Prof. Edoardo Storti), 3 italian Professors of the University of Pavia, the President of the University of Pavia or his representative and the Haematologica Manager.

Prof. Edoardo Ascari is currently the Chairman of Board of Directors.


The Foundation is able to pursue its goals:

  • through the earnings provided by its capital investments
  • with the aid of endowments from public organizations and private contributions. The future of the Foundation, namely its ability to continue expanding and reinforcing its activities in line with its stated objectives, is primarily tied to contributions, donations and inheritance provided by all those people who share the Foundation’s goals and wish to contribute to their realization, in particular the patients or the families of patients afflicted with diseases of the blood (as it has occurred in all these years).


Contributions may be sent to the Ferrata-Storti Foundation, Via Giuseppe Belli 4, 27100 Pavia, Italy (Tel.0382.27129, Fax. 0382.394705, e-mail, deposited directly into the Foundation’s account at UBI Banca, Strada Nuova 61/c, Pavia (Fondazione Ferrata Storti, account n. 19504, IBAN code IT63U0311111300000000019504, Swift BLOPIT22).

The publication of information according to the art.1, commi 125 Legge 4 agosto 2017 n. 124 is available at this link